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A Compositional Collage With Pieces Written From 1989 - 2006. Recorded In Inspiring Cornwall England.

$2.00 from each CD will be donated directly to the Juravinski Cancer Centre Foundation, Hamilton, Ontario.


Instrumental Pieces  
1. A Blessing for the Seasons
2. Wind In My Soul
3. Song of Cornwall
4. The Journey
5. Seasonal Boogie
6. As We Step
7. Celtic Blessing
Children's Pieces
8. Sweaters
9. Pitter Patter
10. The Beach
11. Little Bitty Baby
12. Upside Down Song
13. When the Wind Blows
Liturgical Pieces
14. Prepare the Way
15. Isaiah's Rose
16. On Christmas Morning
17. The Journey
18. God's Smiles
19. Believe
20. Wind in My Soul
21. Celtic Blessing