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Love your life in music, and understand it is a gift.
Let life and all those in it, be the inspiration for the notes.
(Alison Slaats, 2006)

“The Alison Centre for Music”, in Ancaster, Ontario, offers lessons in piano, organ, harpsichord, voice, voice technique, rhythm (both hand drums and drum kit) , improvisation, theory and composition. This musical experience is for all ages, all levels, all styles.

I am currently a choral conductor and church organist in Ontario, Canada. Past experiences include mass choirs, church music in many denominations. I hold an Honours Degree in Church Music, including a major in organ and minor in choral conducting from Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

My music is a passion, with a desire to share my music. Music flows when I find that zone, that time in composing when I know it is right, when it has achieved an emotion.